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Dr J.R.Rama Devi MBBS, M.S (Obstetrics and Gynaecology), at Sai Krupa Ramadevi Hospital, Nellore.

Complete Pregnancy Care- Antenatal, Intranatal & Postpartum care

Expert Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, specialist in Maternity, Infertility and laparoscopic Surgeries.

When the pregnancy test comes back positive, a woman begins a life-altering journey. As the baby grows and changes through each stage of pregnancy, a woman also goes through various changes: in body, emotions, and lifestyle. She needs information to answer her questions and help her to make good decisions for a healthy baby and a healthy self.

Dr. J.R. Ramadevi will provide you with any questions you might have and also provide complete pregnancy care.

Antenatal care is the provided during pregnancy, intranatal care is the care provided during childbirth and postnatal care is the care provided up to six weeks following childbirth.

At Sai Krupa Ramadevi Hospital, Nellore, Dr. J. R. Ramadevi and a team of skilled health-care professionals who ensure best health conditions for both mother and baby.

Prenatal visits usually include a physical exam, weight checks, and providing a urine sample. Depending on the stage of the pregnancy Dr. J. R. Ramadevi may also do blood tests and imaging tests, such as ultrasound exams. These visits also include discussions about the mother's health, the fetus's health, and any questions about the pregnancy.

Dr. J. R. Ramadevi is also skilled to carry through and deal with complications (if any) that arise during the pregnancy or childbirth. Postpartum care counts, too and is very important for the new mothers. From soreness to discharge Dr. J. R. Ramadevi will guide you through everything. This might include a check of your abdomen, vagina, cervix and uterus to make sure you're healing well.

For complete pregnancy care and management, please book your appointment by phone or online today.

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